Snowed Under

   A few days ago it was early Fall and I was thinking about the many small and larger jobs to do within the deer-fenced perimeter of my garden across the street. 

Then, day before yesterday, I noticed early morning temperatures had dropped by about 5 degrees Celsius and snow was forecast.  06:30 on October 23rd, it started to snow.  And snow. And snow some more.

It snowed all day, breaking previous 1899 record for snowfall, leaving about a foot of perfect powder.  

Looking at the calendar it’s assuredly still Fall, but a glance outside suggests that it’s already Winter.

Now, everything needing to be done in the garden still needs to be done, except now all those jobs are buried underneath a foot or more of nice, fluffy snow.

Damn!  What is it that causes me to put off necessary work, to give in to the inertia, yield to the ‘lazy’ gene instead of getting important things like digging root and green leafy vegetables and bringing them indoors where they might do some good?

I’m going to explore the question posed by my garden; it has become increasingly obvious to me that I’ve not done what I should have done these past several weeks; it has been my own failure to pay proper attention to ‘the work’ needing to be done — not just in the garden — in other areas of life as well!

There’s no practical choice for me now except to pick up a few tools and start clearing away the snow. Denial is futile, and probably fatal.

By Paul David Steer

Wu wei the live-long day.

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