Update on Fires N61679, N19276 and N61687

MIDWAY, March 19, 2021. ā€” As reported by the BC Wildfires information service at 08:00 hrs. this morning, there are currently three wildfires burning within an approximate 100 kilometre radius of Grand Forks, British Columbia.

The largest of these, covering more than 927 hectares, is the N61687 fire, burning the the lee of the Christina Range in Gladstone Provincial Park. It is currently shown as “Out of control”.

A second fire, also attributed to lightning, is burning to the North West of N61687 near Burns Creek. This comparatively small fire is reported to be about 1.5 hectares in size.

The third fire, also caused by lightning is N61679. At approximately 4.5 hectares, it’s burning near Boundary Creek to the North and West of Greenwood, BC. According to the BCWildfire Service, this fire is also characterized as ‘being held’.

Information about forest fires burning in Northern Washington State will be reported in a future update.

By Paul David Steer

Wu wei the live-long day.

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