About Paul

This is a picture of me standing next to the bicycle that carried me back and forth to work for the better part of four years, and helped keep me going during that time, in more ways than one. Now that I’m retired I still ride my bike, but far less than the 32 kilometer daily ride I used to make four or five times per week. The ride sounds impressive, but it was not. Not really. I’m not now nor have I ever been any kind of athlete; my commuter route, except for the last kilometre of my ride each day was uphill; the rest was on flat; and I seldom rode faster than an average speed of about 20 kilometres an hour, just under 12 and a half miles per hour (for the benefit of my friends in the United States). Still, I kept at it all year ’round for four years. I surprised myself with how dedicated to it I became. These days I still like to get out onto the road now and then, despite being that much older.

My bike is a TREK, bought at CAPP’s in New Westminster, back in 2014. Capp’s is very good place to buy a bicycle, and my TREK has been a good one. I’ve crashed on it three times and it crashed on its own once, when it tried to escape from my car’s bike rack while I was driving 100 km on the freeway. Amazingly, we’re both still going. If you buy a bike at CAPPs, they’ll give you a 50% discount on service, which is cool.