No time for clogged drains

MIDWAY, Tuesday—The sewer backed up in our basement last weekend, as I learned when I came in from moving compost in the garden, so I made a wry face and did my best to ignore the obvious:  that I didn’t really have a clue what to do about it.  Denial is of no help when […]

After Ottawa

Truckers’ protest in Ottawa: what happened to turn Canada into such a hot-mess? In Canada, if there wasn’t before, there’s now a palpable sense of public discontent, which might be attributed to a variety of causes, but it’s visible for all to see. What’s behind such a marked changes to what were thought to be […]

#4 Beware the ides of November!

Before all memory of it slumps into the torrent and is washed away downstream, I want to comment on the aftermath of the rainstorm that stalled over Southern British Columbia on November 15th, 2021. Two weeks on from that singular event, media have been filled with stories about the unprecedented flooding and destruction caused by […]

#3 Welcome!

If you haven’t been here before, welcome to my new website. If you haven’t done so already, do subscribe to it and consider leaving a comment or two, or three or more. Ask questions, stimulate conversation, editorialize.  For now, I am quite open, not closed to conversations, so feel free to ‘talk-back’ to me if […]

Mask wearing while teaching on-call is not that easy.

I’ve found that teaching while wearing a mask is a challenge. So it’s easy to imagine that learning while wearing a mask is also a challenge for the Kindergarten, grade 1 and grade 2 students who are wearing masks all day in their elementary school classrooms. For too long in British Columbia, too many of […]

Trying to save money, improve your health and simplify your life? BC’s ‘proof of vaccination required’ list just might help

Instead of downloading the BC Government’s vaccine passport app, I’m just going to avoid the places the Provincial Health Officer has ordered the passport be shown. When the BC Vaccination Passport was announced last week, along with the list of venues where people would be required to show it, I realized right away that a […]

My tangled garden (II)

Early morning in the garden, indeed, visiting the garden at any time time during the day is almost always a calming, salutary experience; it’s a natural remedy for many ailments both real and imaginary.   Inside the perimeter of the deer fence, there is no risk of contracting Covid-19, and though it might be prudent […]

(My) Tangled Garden (1)

J.E.H. MACDONALD “Tangled Garden” My garden is probably too large for me to manage on my own, and I’m painfully aware that the garden I hold in mind has fallen short, far short of my own minimal standard of success in each of the last four gardening seasons. I first time I’ve pushed my spade […]

My stone harvest

While working over in what I formally refer to as the sustainability garden and less formally as the sandbox last week, I reminded myself that besides my failures, I’ve already reaped the benefits of this and last year’s first and still my most reliable harvest: stones. I pay close attention to the freshly turned soil […]

Update on Fires N61679, N19276 and N61687

MIDWAY, March 19, 2021. — As reported by the BC Wildfires information service at 08:00 hrs. this morning, there are currently three wildfires burning within an approximate 100 kilometre radius of Grand Forks, British Columbia. The largest of these, covering more than 927 hectares, is the N61687 fire, burning the the lee of the Christina […]


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