#229. In the Eye of the Perfect Storm – 2

The title of this and its previous, more elaborated version is “The Perfect Storm”, however another title, “The Expected Storm” might serve equally well for those who are familiar with the arguments advanced by Dr. Timothy Morgan since (at least) 2013. This shorter version provides an excellent entry point for those who are trying to find their way forward through manifest social, economic and familial uncertainties. Dr. Morgan’s preference is, ” . . . to face facts”, which he does very well. I encourage everyone reading this comment to also visit Dr. Morgan’s website, Surplus Energy Economics, and give due consideration to the observations and arguments advanced there.

Surplus Energy Economics

The previous article set out what was intended to be a short but comprehensive guide to the economy understood as a surplus energy system. It’s been pointed out that, however comprehensive that report may be, it’s far from being “short”.

Here, then, is “the short version”. The intention is to make both versions available as downloads.


With economies stumbling, the cost of living rising at rates not seen in forty years, and world markets gripped by nervousness, there are two ways in which we can try to make sense of current economic turbulence.

We can, if we wish, see all of this as temporary – caused by the lasting effects of the pandemic, latterly compounded by the war in Ukraine – and assure ourselves that the ‘normality’ of continuous economic “growth” will return once these crises are behind us.

The alternative is to face facts.

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By Paul David Steer

Wu wei the live-long day.

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